Services for individuals


Private Investigation & Protection informative


  • Investigation premarital, marital and postmaritale;

  • Investigations on the entourage and the child's behavior;

  • Investigations of missing people from home;

  • Investigations on the people who resort to blackmail and threats;

  • Tests to detect people can testify in court;

  • Investigations on some goods (litigation, enforcements, etc.).

  • Investigations to obtain data that can be used as evidence in court or other lawful purposes;

  • Investigations to obtain data and documents certifying birth, modification or extinction of legal relations: determining the degree of kinship, rights and obligations to participate in the succession in case of partition, etc..

  • Consulting to ensure self-protection information;

  • Control and surveillance of persons and goods informative;

  • Checking with high performance equipment to detect leakage of information

Note: At the main ingredient, natural or legal persons, T & C Private Investigation can provide other services in accordance with current legislation.