T & C Private Investigation

S.C. T&C INVESTIGATII PRIVATE S.R.L.was founded in 2002 and its main activity is to investigate and protect property and people.

As shown in the presentation of the subject business, our company provides services in the private security, designed so that it can cover virtually the entire range of applications and requires the market right now.

We are a private detective agency licensed by MIRA, providing specific equipment and experienced personnel for performing surveillance and investigation.

Technical equipment of the company consists of Dees (special electronic devices and equipment) of which include: equipment night vision, day vision, image and sound recording equipment (cameras and video cameras, microphones, unidirectional, recorders), hidden microcameras in various objects (for hidden footage) transceiver equipment (fixed and portable stations, mobile phones), GPS systems and equipment for monitoring them.



  • professionalism and fairness in personnel with extensive experience in surveillance and investigative work;

  • availability in taking your case;

  • all investigation with law enforcement;

  • protection of data, their confidentiality and discretion over the entire period necessary steps for cooperation with it, and subsequently;

  • promptness and efficiency 24 hours maximum of 24 h.