Services for businesses


Informative and investigation


  • Investigations on prospective candidates for employment

  • Investigations on the accuracy of employee loyalty and identification of situations of disclosure of confidential information, unfair competition;
  • Investigations to prevent and identify conflicts of interest among employees;

  • Investigations on the people who resort to blackmail and threats;

  • Investigations on some goods (litigation, enforcements, etc.).

  • Identification of non-paying;

  • Investigations on the reliability, solvency and fairness partners

  • Identification of fraudulent maneuvers, intentions of alienation of property and / or reduction of assets, or unfair competition actions;

  • Investigation of breaches of intellectual property rights;

  • Investigations on the history and behavior of commercial companies;

  • Investigation on psychological and behavioral profile of participants in the negotiations;

  • Investigations on the morality and medium frequency of potential business partners;

  • Organization and management of events and informative;

  • Organization and management of meetings and meetings informative confidential;

  • Control and supervision of persons informative, objective and transport of values;

  • Providing protection and security information for CEOs, managers, etc..;

  • Checking with high performance equipment to detect leakage pathways of information;

  • Consulting to define, design and implementation procedures for the generation, processing, storing and keeping information confidential.

Note: At the request of clients, individuals or legal T & C Private Investigation can provide other services in accordance with current legislation.