Information security

Information is an important value of the business. Confidentiality, integrity and availability are essential for maintaining competitiveness, profitability, legality, and commercial image.

Companies and their information systems, are facing increasingly more security threats coming from many sources, of which the most important are: actions of competitors, poorly protected computer systems, lack of procedures on the circulation of documents in society actions, business partners, employees, lack of information protection of confidential telephone conversations or meetings.


Why information security is needed?

The shares of these sources can take various forms, from subtle actions as fraud or espionage systems, to violent actions, all in order to obtain confidential information.

Most often, in their pursuit of profit, companies neglect activity information protection or due mentality according to which "they can not be doing anything" or that will not consume energy and time for an activity in which are not specialized and do not understand.

In all cases, a minimum requirement to ensure information security management, is the choice of a consultant specializing in safety investigation and informative, identifying breaches in the protection system and to investigate possible leaks.